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Protect your family members from fire risk. There were 24,502 fires in 2018. 


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A Smoke alarm is a device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. Thus, if you have smoke alarm in your home, It will work both as a preventative method to fires and an early detection system. Smoke alarms will give you a better chance of getting everyone out safely.

Why is having a smoke alarm important?

Every year there is an increase in home fires

Acts as an early warning system as soon as smoke is detected

Protects your home and family members from risk

Provides you with peace of mind during the night

What types of smoke detectors can I have installed?

There are two main smoke alarms that are installed in our homes:-

Battery Operated

The most popular smoke alarm’s are battery operated, they work independently of each other and can be installed anywhere within your house. The batteries can last for up to 10 years if it is a lithium-ion battery or you can go for the cheaper option of 9V batteries which must be replaced every year.


Hard wired smoke alarms

Hard-wired (240v) Smoke alarms are connected directly to the power mains in the house. These also feature a backup battery system to ensure that even in a blackout, you’ll still be safe. These smoke alarms provide peace-of-mind to the highest extent.


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