Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Unless you have experienced it before, the impact a surge can cause in your property is usually unknown.
A surge is a spike in power. When it occurs, something boosts the electrical charge at some point in the circuit. This boost can increase the current flowing into or within your home’s electrical wiring, affecting applicanies and devices in your home.

Even a lightning storm can cause a surge in your home. This is where use of surge protection comes in.


Supply and install of surge protection devices

We’re electrical experts based in Sydney and our team of licensed electricians come fully equipped with the most modern surge protection devices for your home. We can advise, supply and install top quality surge protection devices to protect your assets.
One surge is all it takes, it can have devastating effects on your electrical devices, including your  Refrigrators,air conditioners ,hair dryer,televisions and basically anything connected directly into a power point.

Two levels of surge protection

The two ways to protect your property from catastrophic electrical surges are:-
We can install surge protection into your switchboard which protects electrical equipment against overvoltages caused by ligtning.These are very helpful in protecting your home from power surges and can save alot of money in your pocket.

The second way to protect your devices and appliances from power surges are to use localised power surge safety boards, connected directly into your powerpoints. These boards will protect any devices connected into them. Power safety switch boards are not as effective in protecting from power surges, they serve as your insurance against electric shock. They are designed to prevent injury.

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