Electrical Powerpoints

Electrical Powerpoints

An electrical outlet is a socket that connects an electrical device to an electricity supply. Usually powerpoints are placed in locations that aren’t convenient or they lack of a good quality of powerpoint.We can provide and install power points in areas around your house that are suitable to your needs.


Installation of new Powerpoints

We’ll send a fully licensed, professional electrician to assess your property and depending on the configuration ,i.e the type of walls whether it has internal gyprock walls or it’s a brick home.Our team will find suggest with the best solution of installation.
We can provide you with different brands, colours and types of powerpoints, including powerpoints with USB connections. It’s your choice. A popular request is installation of a powerpoint behind wall mounted TVs so there’s no cable visible.

Replacement of existing powerpoints

Eliminate those ugly and often dangerous extension cords. You can add a new outlet quickly and easily without tearing open a wall, if you already have an outlet in the other side of the wall. No extra holes. No messy patching and repainting. Over time, powerpoints can need replacing, some are even a safety risk. It’s recommended to replace any powerpoints that are causing.Our team can provide you with top quality powerpoints and install them in your home.Feel free to call our team.

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